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Jacque LeFore

Jacque LeFore

Jacque LeFore received a CFP® certificate in 2002. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Oregon State University in 1991, Jacque went on to work in several of the major insurance firms as a financial planning professional.

In 2003, Jacque opened LeFore Consulting (now known as OutsourceFinancialPlanning) to assist advisors in executing financial plans for their clients. His consulting practice has grown organically as advisors referred his services to one another.

Jacque moved exclusively to eMoney as his planning platform in the fall 2015. Starting in 1999 he worked with Naviplan and had customized plan output so that it is user friendly for both the advisor and their clients. When needed he supplements the eMoney Presentation with an offline set of calculations in Excel for rental real estate, equity compensation, business situations and advanced estate planning.

Jacque has an in-depth understanding of the array of insurance products, stock options, and tax in addition to the retirement, education and estate planning included in most financial plans. Jacque executes his analysis via webinars for clients and advisors allowing the advisor to better tailor their deliverables for each client.

Jacque’s free time is spent at his teenage daughter’s cheer competitions, high school sporting events, the gym, and competed at his first sanctioned USA Powerlifting meet in April 2018.