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"Our finances would not be at the healthy place they are today without the advice, guidance & management of Damon Winter.

In the 1990s when we were ready to go for our financial planning, it was very important to us that we find someone who would take time with us and patiently answer our questions.  Damon was a 5-Star find for us!  He is very personable and his attitude is always excellent. We have never been made to feel that our questions were “too small." He gives 100% and answers every question and always does what he says he will do.
In determining the best strategies, Damon has carefully taken time to research, ask strategic questions and implement our answers accordingly. He has always shown great sensitivity to our needs and desires. He has taken time to carefully explain things to us.  He is steady and knowledgeable in all financial matters. 

Concerning the state & volatility of the economy, he is non-reactionary, circumspect and wisely purposeful. Since we transferred all our investments, retirement and financial planning to Damon in the 1990s, we have had total peace of mind. From the get go, we have had confidence and trust in this man.
Through the tragic death of our youngest son, Damon has cared for us with great compassion, understanding and tenderness. With great sensitivity, Damon waited until we were ready to make the needed Beneficiary Changes.
We completely trust Damon in all the advice he has given us and cannot speak more highly of him and his professional service, staff and company."
Most Sincerely,
Rev Michael & Yvonne


“I have known Damon Winter of OnMark Asset Management for over 30 years. When I approached retirement, I asked Damon to guide me through it. I needed someone I could trust. He had me in an excellent financial position during a nasty time in our economy, when I was forced to retire early due to cancer and he has kept me financially sound ever since. He has always treated me with kindness and professionalism. Besides coming up with long term financial plans and monitoring those plans (that really work) he listens, I mean really listens to me. I have full confidence that whatever happens in the future, both my wife and I will be fine. Thank you, Damon, and Mary Newman, his assistant for all you have done. I'm looking forward to many more years of working with you."

Dave and Mary Lou


“We so appreciate Damon’s listening ear and sound advice!”

Steve and Becky


“Damon Winter has been a huge help to me in preparing for my future financial security. A few years ago, I realized I was in trouble when I considered my retirement finances. I attended a class Damon was teaching and afterward asked for his help. With his practical direction and understanding of finances he has helped totally change my retirement picture. I now look forward to a bright retirement financially. I'm so thankful for his direction and insight. He has been a great blessing! “



"I'd like to comment on my relationship with Mary and Damon for our financial needs. They are very friendly and knowledgeable, and patient when handling our retirement concerns. We look forward to continuing our peace of mind with Mary and Damon."



“I have known Damon for several years.  I am completely comfortable working with Damon to help me reach my financial goals.  Down through the years, he has proven himself to be honest and trustworthy, and I have total and complete confidence in him, even though the sometimes-unsettling times that the world economics have delivered. I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend Damon in total confidence.“



“Cindy and I would like to say "Thank you" to Gerry and Travis Kroeger for their exceptional service, professionalism, knowledge and personal touch in assisting us with our financial planning.  They have taken the time to explain our options, benefits and features and the best way to direct our investments to get us to where we need and want to be as we reach the point of retirement. They have been helpful with advice and information as we have stepped into the process of building a dream home in Montana, with as little debt load as possible by moving funds that were not preforming as well and would be more beneficial to invest in to real property. We think the world of Gerry and Travis and would express our belief that by choosing to work with them, was one our best moves we have ever made.  Spoken for our hearts, we are in good hands with Gerry and Travis. One last thing we would say, Gerry and Travis are great at their profession but they have become good friends that we trust."

Cliff and Cindy


“Damon Winter has been our Financial Advisor for 30 plus years. During that time he has helped us put together our retirement funds and life insurance policies as well as guiding us through the ups and downs of investing. We have been extremely happy with his guidance and have watched our investments grow over the years. Damon is very knowledgeable and answers all of our questions. He makes sure that he is available whenever we call and he makes sure he checks in with us. We would highly recommend Damon Winter to help and guide with all Financial Planning and Advising. "

Ron and Charlene


"Thanks for making our investment management and retirement planning stress-free. Because of your wisdom, integrity, and experience, we have a clear strategy and path forward. We appreciate you! Having you as our financial advisor is a blessing."

Dr Nicole


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